Sid Rios
I have been living in California since summer of '69 when I moved to attend college on the West coast. Here I met my wife Lucy(also a transplanted Texan) and have been married 47 yrs. We have three sons and 10 grand children. Although my degree was in Music (voice/choral conducting) I ended up working in local gov't. to "pay the bills." I pursued my music as a bi-vocational soloist, performer and church choir director for over 40 years. My oldest son, now 44, has continued our music legacy and is also a multi-talented musician. I have thought of my Westerner years often and I cherish the memories we made in the good ol' days at Lubbock High. Many of those experiences helped shape who I am today. And now, although we live in the greater San Francisco bay area, we are STILL Texans 1st, Westerners 2nd, and Dallas Cowboy fans for life! Take care and hope to hear from some of you soon.( I have added a few more pics in the Photo album link if you care to check them out.) God bless.
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