Jacquetta Long Perry
I have lived in Lubbock all of my Life. I work for the County Clerk's Office for 9 years now, and waiting to retire someday soon, I hope. I have been married to a wonderful man named Mike for 32 years this December 16,2008. He is a Furniture Rep. for several companies and travels West Texas and New Mexico, for close to 40 years now. We have two wonderful children, Robin she will be 30 this January, 08, she is a fifth grade teacher in Drippings Spring, and hopefully will be getting engaged sometime soon, to a great man name Tommy, he also is the Heas Basket Ball Coach for a High School in Kyle, Texas, we feel like he's already our son in law, Our son Zane is the Head Football Equipment Manager at Texas Tech. Zane has been married for almost 2 years now to a wonderful girl named Erica, she works for LubbockVisitors Center. No children yet for them, but we (me) are awaiting patiencely for grandbabies. I do have a grand weinner dog named Booser. Also we have 2 little weinner dogs of our own to keep up busy, their names are Gunther and his all male he thinks he runs the house, and our little Gabby, she all female she love to be held and of course the both sleep with us. They Both Run The House. Also I have helped with the Reuion for the last four times, it's fun. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE AT THIS TIME IT WILL BE FUN.
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