Nita Walker Boles
We would have come sooner to a reunion, but we've been busy raising 5 children. The last is 20 now, so we can start to catch our collective breath. I was in nursing school in 1983 when my English professor asked, "Why don't you write?" I looked at her ironically and said, "Because I have to make a living." Now I'm writing and looking for a publisher. Our class prophecy said something about my being at the head of the charge to re-take the Alamo. I thought my personality was anonymous then, and I wonder now if it might have showed.
I've been a virtual lobbiest in Washington and across the country for boating safety after the needless death of our 16 year old daughter in a PWC accident in 1998. My husband survived stage 4 Melanoma same year. We have one developmentally disabled child. Lots of material for writing, but enough about me/us. I can't wait to see everyone. I think I was invisible in high school. I was dating Eddie, who was a '64 grad and couldn't go to prom or anything with me so I missed it all. June 19th will be our 40th wedding anniversary.
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