Carol Bauman Cunningham
I have lived in Lubbock all of my life and love it here. I work for the Texas Tech University System in the office of Facilities Planning and Construction as an Interior Project Manager (Interior Designer) for buildings on all of our campuses. My husband is a Senior Sales Rep for BASF (Ag
Division) and we have 2 sons. Our older son, Chad, an LHS grad, works for Electracom, and lives in Lubbock with his wife Paige and 2 daughters, Ashley and Taylor. Our younger son, Lance is a Fluids Engineer for Newpark Drilling Fruids and currently is located on a 356,000 acre ranch south of Fort Stockton where they are drilling 7000 wells. He works 14 days on and 14 days off and splits his time between the ranch and Lubbock or the ski slopes.
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