Rebecca Shuler
Hard to believe 50 years since high school. Been through alot since then. Married my junior year worked for Dr Marable my senior year while taking COE course. Taught me alot started my career in office work.We started our family we have two beautiful daughters. I went to work for Texas Insterments for over 10 years. Then went to work at Wards in the credit department. We then became grandparents. We have 4 very active grandsons. I decided to go into banking worked at Plains National bank over 7 years. Then was offered a job in bookkeeping at American State Bank which I was there over 7 years. I then left the work force to stay home helping to take care of our grandson. What a adventure wouldn't change a thing. Now enjoying our retirement living in Sweetwater around family. Our grandsons are grown we only have one in school now. What joy they have given us. Life has been good. Gene and I have just celebrated our 51st. Anniversay.
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