Michael Rhoderick
I looked at the where are they now page and decided NM need another pin! Patty and I have lived in NM since 1978. We will celebrate our 48th anniversary in October. Who'd guessed I had it in me! We are living just north of Abq with our daughter(one of 5 children), 5 year-old granddaughter(one of 11 grands and 5 greats) and son-in-law(one of 3). Would not trade with anyone the blessings I have!
I retired in early 2018. I expanding my service to my faith community(Baha'i Faith), working a few hours a week at a petfood store and dog grooming service(mad $) and relearning to play bass guitar (laid it down 52 years ago!).
Plan to see everyone this summer.
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